Quran Audio in English

Islamic videos provide Quran audio in English for the people who want to learn Quran in English. We are providing Quran audio in English in audio/visual quality which means you can see clearly the meaning of each and every verse of Quran. Allah Almighty has laid down all the laws of valuable knowledge, good deeds and prosperity of the whole mankind in His Book (Quran). In the present era the Muslims are politically, financially, culturally and socially reached the verge of decay and destruction only because they have turned a deaf ear towards Quran. Allah says in Quran: “And indeed we have made the Qur’an easy for direction and guidance, but is there anyone who will take advice?” (Sura Al-Qamar 54, verse # 17) Quran is fountain head of entire knowledge, If you want to learn Quran and want to understand Quran then you are at the right place. Hope you will find this Quran audio in English very beneficial and a key to learn Quran in easy way.